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The NC70 money counting machine is the ultimate high-volume bank-grade banknote counter. With its advanced features and capabilities, it offers accurate counting, sorting, and counterfeit detection. It can handle mixed and sorted banknotes, count multiple currencies simultaneously, and even scan and record serial numbers. The built-in thermal printer saves space and clutter, allowing for quick and quiet printing of count reports. Its dual pockets enable non-stop counting at high speed, while the 11-fold counterfeit detection system ensures reliable results. The NC70 is designed for efficiency and convenience, with a full-color display, easy navigation, and the ability to export count reports to a PC.

It is suitable for various currencies, including polymer and old banknotes, and can be updated with free currency updates. The top and back covers open for easy cleaning, and additional accessories such as an external display, dust cover, and maintenance kit are included. With its cutting-edge CIS technology and bank-grade certification, the NC70 is the ideal solution for businesses that require accurate and efficient cash counting.

Money Counting Machine: The Ultimate High Volume Bank-Grade Banknote Counter


The NC70 is a state-of-the-art Money counting machine that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. Designed for high-volume counting, this bank-grade banknote counter is equipped with advanced technologies to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. With its value counting, sorting, and counterfeit detection capabilities, the NC70 is suitable for various applications such as banks, cash handling businesses, and retail stores.


Value Counts Mixed & Sorted Banknotes

The NC70 is capable of counting both mixed and sorted banknotes. Whether you have a stack of unsorted banknotes or pre-sorted bundles, this machine can accurately count and provide a breakdown of each denomination. It scans and reads the denominations in any orientation, making the counting process quick and hassle-free.

Built-In Thermal Printer

With its unique built-in thermal printer, the NC70 eliminates the need for additional printers, cables, and clutter. This printer uses standard thermal paper and can quickly print count reports, including the total value and quantity counted, breakdown per denomination, and even the list of banknote serial numbers. It saves space and provides a convenient way to keep records of your cash transactions.

2 Pockets for Non-Stop Counting

The NC70 is equipped with two pockets, allowing for continuous counting without the need to stop the machine. This feature ensures maximum counting speed and efficiency, making it ideal for high-volume cash handling operations. Additionally, the machine provides a detailed report explaining why each banknote was rejected, ensuring accurate and reliable counting results.

Rejects Counterfeits Without Stopping

Counterfeit detection is a crucial aspect of cash handling. The NC70 is designed to detect counterfeits with its 11-fold counterfeit detection system, certified by the Bank of England. It can quickly identify counterfeit, suspect, or damaged banknotes without interrupting the counting process, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of your cash transactions.

Sorts Denominations & Currencies

The NC70 offers advanced sorting capabilities, allowing you to sort banknotes by denomination and currency. Whether you need to prepare bank deposits or organize your cash drawer, the machine can accurately sort mixed banknotes into their respective denominations. Additionally, it can sort out specific currencies, making it versatile for handling international currencies.

Sorts by Face & Orientation

To ensure consistency and neatness, the NC70 can sort banknotes by face and orientation. It aligns all banknotes to face the same way and ensures they are all the right way up. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that require well-organized cash handling processes.

100% Accurate

Accuracy is paramount in cash handling operations. The NC70 guarantees 100% accuracy in counting and counterfeit detection. Its advanced technologies, including dual CIS sensors, ensure precise counting results, even for the most advanced currencies such as the US dollar. You can rely on the NC70 for accurate and reliable cash counting.

Bank of England Certified Detection

The NC70's counterfeit detection system is certified by the Bank of England, a testament to its reliability and effectiveness. This certification ensures that the machine meets the highest standards in counterfeit detection, providing you with peace of mind when handling cash.

High-Speed Counting (2,200 notes/min)

Counting large volumes of banknotes can be time-consuming. The NC70 solves this problem with its high-speed counting capability, capable of counting up to 1,200 notes per minute. This rapid counting speed allows for efficient cash handling, saving you valuable time and resources.

Counts Mixed Currencies at the Same Time

Handling multiple currencies can be a challenge, but the NC70 simplifies the process. It can count up to four mixed currencies simultaneously, eliminating the need for sorting currencies beforehand. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that deal with international currencies or frequently handle mixed-currency cash transactions.

Scans & Records Serial Numbers

For added security and record-keeping, the NC70 can scan and record the serial numbers of the banknotes it counts. This feature enables you to track specific banknotes and maintain detailed records of your cash transactions. It provides an extra layer of accountability and security for your business.

Automatic Currency Identification

The NC70's automatic currency identification feature simplifies the counting process. Simply place your unsorted banknotes on the hopper, and the machine will automatically recognize the currency and start counting. This eliminates the need for manual currency selection, making cash handling faster and more efficient.

Top Loader: High Volume Continuous Counting

The NC70 features a convenient top-loading hopper that enables continuous counting of high volumes of banknotes. This top-loading design ensures a smooth and uninterrupted counting process, allowing you to handle large quantities of cash with ease.

Batch Counting & Add Functions

Preparing deposits or counting specific denominations is made easier with the NC70's batch counting and add functions. The batch counting function allows you to quickly prepare deposits by specifying the desired number of banknotes for each denomination. The add function allows you to count multiple batches of banknotes and obtain the total count.

Suitable for Polymer & Old Banknotes

The NC70 is compatible with both polymer banknotes and old-style paper banknotes. Whether you handle modern polymer notes or traditional paper notes, this machine can accurately count and sort them. It offers versatility and compatibility for various types of banknotes.

Export Count Report to a PC (Free Software)

To facilitate record-keeping and analysis, the NC70 allows you to export count reports to a PC. The machine comes with free software that enables you to transfer count data to your computer for further analysis or integration with your financial systems. This feature streamlines your cash management processes and enhances efficiency.

USB & SD Update Ports (Free Currency Updates)

The NC70 is designed to adapt to changing currency requirements. It features USB and SD update ports that allow you to update the machine with the latest currency information. These updates are provided free of charge, ensuring that your machine remains up to date and capable of handling new currency designs or security features.

Full Colour Display with Quick Menu

The NC70's full-color display provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation. The quick menu allows you to access various features and settings with ease, enhancing the user experience and simplifying the cash counting process.

Rogue Currency & Denomination Detection

In addition to counterfeit detection, the NC70 can identify rogue currencies and denominations. This feature ensures that only valid and recognized currencies are counted, preventing errors and discrepancies in your cash handling operations.

Top & Back Cover Opens for Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning are essential for optimal performance and longevity. The NC70's top and back covers can be easily opened, allowing for straightforward cleaning and maintenance. This feature ensures that your machine remains in top condition and delivers accurate counting results over an extended period.

External Display, Dust Cover & Maintenance Kit

To enhance usability and protect the machine, the NC70 comes with additional accessories. An external display provides clear visibility of the counting results, allowing multiple users to view the information simultaneously. A dust cover helps protect the machine from dust and debris when not in use. A maintenance kit is also included to ensure that you have the necessary tools for regular upkeep.

Cutting-Edge CIS Technology

The NC70 incorporates cutting-edge CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology, enabling precise scanning and reading of banknotes. This technology ensures accurate counting, counterfeit detection, and denomination recognition, making the NC70 a reliable and efficient money counting machine.

Bank-Grade Automatic or Manual Start

The NC70 offers both automatic and manual start options, allowing you to choose the most suitable mode for your cash counting needs. The automatic start mode enables the machine to begin counting as soon as banknotes are placed in the hopper, while the manual start mode gives you control over when the counting process starts.


The NC70 money counting machine is a powerful and versatile tool for high-volume cash handling operations. With its advanced features, including value counting, sorting, counterfeit detection, and serial number scanning, this bank-grade banknote counter ensures accurate and efficient cash management. Its user-friendly interface, built-in printer, dual pockets, and compatibility with various currencies make it an excellent choice for businesses that require reliable and convenient cash counting solutions. Invest in the NC70 and streamline your cash handling processes today.
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